CrossFit is obviously THE best workout you can do.  But people seem to miss the point that it doesn't matter what workout you do, if your nutrition is not there, then you will only go so far.  But if your nutrition and your workout are there then you are good right?  WRONG!!!  Now I know all my college students will be upset when they hear this but if your lifestyle is not 100% then you are STILL not going to be able to get all you can get from all the good stuff you are doing.  Basically, each day counts when it comes to your health and the more days you are doing EVERYTHING right, the longer you will live and the healthier you will be in that life.  Your lifestyle can actually turn on and turn off bad gene expressions.  So you are able to actually control your life, you aren't predetermined to have cancer or other things like that just because your parents did.  When you put ALL the elements together: your training, your mobility and movement, and your lifestyle, this is what will determine your lifespan and your health.  So how long do you want to live and be healthy?  The coolest thing is that it is TOTALLY up to you!!!  Check the MWOD Video below:)

We will have the 12noon class this Friday as a normal running class!!!  MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP ON MINDBODY!!!!!

WODtours will be coming this Friday and Saturday!!  That's right, we will be having some visitors from around the world coming to visit our gym on a 10 day workout vacation!!!  Lets make sure to make them feel welcome!!! 



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"Living the Life"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds:

     10 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull (135#, 95#)

     10 reps Box Jumps over the box (24#, 20#)

     100' Bear Crawl (outside)




Box Jump and Knee Jump

     *Find Max Height on both


MWOD........Lifestye and health

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