The most powerful muscle we have is the one between our ears.  Its amazing how our mind can either make or break and action, a session, or a whole day.  How many of you are presented with a task (like maybe one of our workouts) and the first thing that pops into your head is "man today is going to suck", or "its going to be so hard"?  It may seem like just a small insignificant comment, but actually its the first step towards NOT achieving what you want to achieve!  One of the Original CrossFit Firebreathers, Greg Amundson, says in his Goals Seminars, that your thoughts and words become action, and these actions become your destiny.  Basically, if you say you cant do it, then you cant.  But if you give yourself a positive tense statement, then you will be set in a positive direction.  For example, today dont say "I CANT do another pull-up", say "I'll GET one more pull-up then come off".  Both situations lead to you coming off the bar, but the positive affirmation will set you in a more positive mindset and allow you to achieve more.  Only use words of positive connotation when you are in the gym.  "DONT STOP" is negative.  "KEEP GOING" is positive.  Give it a try!  Thirty minutes before the workout today, start to set a positive mindset about the workout.  During the workout, only use positive words.  Then afterwards, congratulate yourself for the job you did.  See how your body and mind react to this!!

Dr Dan Bronstein will be presenting his Anatomy for Crossfitters and KT Tape seminar this Saturday at 1030am.  The seminar is $20.  Please email if you are planning on going!  We will not have Open gym or Intro to the Inferno that day.


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"Dead or Alive"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


AMRAP in 20 minutes:

     400m Run

     Max reps Pull-ups

          *Round end when you let go of the bar

          *Score with number of pull-ups a run distance




Squat Clean


          *warm up first and then go heavy on these.  These will be touch and go off the floor.


MWOD........dont break your neck in the pull-ups


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