CrossFit Games site gave me a little VIDEO love yesterday (thank you guys and girls up at CFHQ) and it actually got quite a bit of comments on Facebook.  Of course i was very proud and honored with all of the "your an inspiration" type comments (I'm totally blushing right now even as I type).  But there were a couple that kind of bothered me.  Once again people have to make a comment about the fact that they are upset that the their isn't a 40-44 year old Masters Division at the GAMES.  They say that since of the top 50 people in the OPEN, 40 were in their 20's, 9 were in their 30's and only 1 was in his 40's that the Masters age brackets need to be changed.  I humbly, but whole heartedly DISAGREE!!!!  The CrossFit Games is about finding the fittest on the Planet.  Now, if you look at the all the great athletes and put them on a big "bell-curve" you will see that the most athletes will be in their 20's, there will be some in their 30's and some in their teens, and even fewer in their 40's.  You probably wont see many, if any in there upper 40's or 50's.  If there are still competitive people in their 40's why would you want to cut them out?  I realize that the 40-44 year is kind of a wasteland between the OPEN ages and the Masters, but how could it be any other way.  That age group just in life sits the same way!  You aren't 20 but your not 50 either,  so you are forced to ride the fence.  I think its wrong to just cut a group out because they aren't AS competitive as the younger crowd.  Crossfit has a good handful of 40+ athletes in the men and woman's sides who are still kicking and representing.  When the group is devoid of people who can compete then maybe you can switch it, but not yet!  I am not sitting and waiting for 2 more year to be able to compete with people my own age.  I want to see where I stand on the whole list.  If its 1st then great, if its 50th then great, if its 10050th then great, I know exactly where I am.  Now with this, I am not cutting on the Masters Divisions.  I feel that it is an important part to our sport because it does show what these people (who some would to old) can do!!  Grandmothers deadlifting hundreds of pounds, Grandpas doing Muscle-ups and pulls for days.  This is what health is!!  Vitality!!!  Do they have a shot to be the Fittest on the Planet?  Probably not, but doesn't change that they are inspirational.  Anyways, I will NEVER say that I want a 40-44 year Master Division.  I want to make it to the Games!  I want to show everyone that the 40's are the new 20's.  Lets see what happens:)


_________________________ DSC_0024

"Shoulder Shakra"

Inferno Warm-up X3

Complete the Following:


Double Tabata

     Deadlift (315#, 215#)


          *8 rounds of 20 seconds max reps dead, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds max push-ups, then 10 seconds rest.  Score total reps of each like this: deadlifts/push-ups.  Total time is 8 minutes long.




EMOM for 10 minutes:

     10 reps Ring Dips

     10 reps Pull-ups

 . the cat to improve movement in push-ups and dips!


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