Today we are giving this little workout a try.  Its the workout called HOPE and its the CrossFit workout that we will be raising funds for the St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  As all CrossFit workouts do, it will test your body and your mind.  There may be a little stinging feeling.  These kids that we will be raising money for have to deal with this stinging feeling all the time.  Their families have to feel the sting too.  When we do this workout, think about those kids.  The object from now until June 9th is to sign up for the event on our Affiliate raise $20,000!  This is a huge goal!  But with all of you, we can do it!!!  Click here for CrossFit for Hope page and help us to raise HOPE for these kids and families!!!

Congrats to Darren and Caitlyn Savella on the Grand Opening of CrossFit Ohana in Lompoc today.  We are looking forward to some fun workouts!!!


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"HOPE Practice!"

Inferno Warm-up X3

Complete the Following:


3 Rounds:

     1 minute Max reps Burpees

     1 minute Max reps Power Snatch (75#, 55#)

     1 minute Max reps Box Jumps (24#, 20#)

     1 minute Max reps Thrusters (75#, 55#)

     1 minute Max reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups

     1 minute REST!

*With a constant running clock you get as many reps in each minute as you can.  When the coach says rotate you need to quickl y get to the next station because the clock is moving.  Total up all your reps for your final score.


MWOD......some reminders for more burpees


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