I need to apologize for the mistype yesterday.  I was not expecting you guys to do Hang Power SNATCHES at 225#/135#.  I meant to have you do Hang Power Cleans.  Well if you did snatches, then take it as a good warm up for today.  Snatches are one of the most complex lifting movements we have that employs body coordination, agility, speed, and power.  We talk about functional movements and one may ask, "how is the snatch a functional movement?"  Good Question!  Does it mimic real life movements?  Is it safe?  Is it a movement that is built into us?  YES to all three!  Any explosive hip opening movement is real life.  Getting an object from the ground to overhead in one motion is functional.  Doing a movement that originates from your core and extends out to your extremities is functional.  Funny story, when my daughter was in gymnastics she had to go get a pad for some work they were doing.  The pad was long and in the shape of a trapezoid.  Awkward for her to move.  She gabbed it on the outside of pad and was walking with it hitting her legs.  She stopped and then, without any preparation or thought, she explosively opened her hips and shrugged her shoulders.  The pad started to float and she followed it with high elbows and quickly snapped herself under it so that she caught it in a locked arm position.  A PERFECT HANG POWER SNATCH.  Absolutely beautiful!!!  The movements will find you out of necessity.

Tomorrow is the practice run of the workout called "HOPE".  Its going to be a fun one and one that we are going to be raising money for St Judes Childrens Hospitals with on June 9th.  Come and bring a friend tomorrow.  See how you do with it!!!


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"mmmmmm Snatches"

Inferno Warm-up X3

Complete the Following:



     *Take 10 minutes to find a good 1RM any snatch




10 EMOM for 10 minutes

     20 reps Double Unders

     1 rep Snatch 80% of 1RM

          *if you do not complete the rep, you can either attempt it again or you can do AMRAP of double unders in the completion of that minute.  Continue on the normal rep scheme until the time is done.


MWOD......getting your body ready to snatch some snatchy snatchiness



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