A day of Rest? You can rest when you die? 3 on and 1 off where you rest?  What is all this rest stuff?  The way we need to see rest is a time for our body to recuperate so that we are able to come back hard in your workouts.  The goal of the workout is to have high intensity.  Our workouts are not only physically demanding, they are mentally demanding as well.  This rest time is supposed to help with both. Give yourself time to enjoy the world around you.  Play some other sports.  Go surf, climb, hike, ski, and learn new sports too.  Do something that is not as high intensity but is truly enjoyable.  Now if you are training for, lets say, the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, what does Rest mean then?  It means the same thing, a day to recover so you can attack the wods again.  However, this doesn't mean you don't do anything.  It means you do Mobility.  It means you do skill work.  It may mean that you catch up on some sleep.  It is important to listen to you body and give it what it needs.  Your body is a machine and it will tell you what it needs.  Just make sure its not your brain, that tells you not to workout because you don't have time, you are tired from work, you just dont feel like it, you have other things to do, etc.  Do give yourself excuses.  Give yourself chances to succeed!   Train and Rest correctly and you will!!

Good luck to all of you INFERNITES that are doing the 1st Annual San Luis Obispo Marathon and Half Marathon today!!!


_________________________ DSC_0015

"Feels like Summer"

Inferno Warm-up X3

Complete the Following:


4 Rounds:

     Max Reps Muscle-ups (Bar Mu's, or Hip to Bar Pull-ups for SUBs)

     Rest 2 Minutes




3 Rounds:

     400m Run

     8 reps Hang Power Clean (225#, 135#)

     16 reps Pistols


MWOD.....love the peanut for global extension in the thoracic spine

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZauufL4JiGs]

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