Its that time again!!!!  The weather is getting nice and its time to start showing off some skin!  And there is no better way to get that body ready that to get involved with the INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE!!!!!  This is a challenge to see if you are able to stay to a strict ancestral diet.  What is an ancestral diet?  Its eating the way we ate back in the caveman days:  Meats, Vegetable, Good Fats, Some Fruits, Little Starch, NO Sugar, NO GRAINS (of any kind), and No Dairy.  Our bodies were designed to eat this way, not all the processed stuff that's out there today all made for convenience.  This Challenge is an 8 week event in which we take before pictures and after pictures.  The only rule is that you MUST post everything you ate and drank for the whole week on the Sunday of that week.  If you forget, then you are out!  The cost to do the Challenge is $30 and the winners will get to split to cash kitty!!  Winner are picked by change in the pictures voted on my the members in the gym and finally by the owners!  Body Fat, Scales, Tape Measures, etc are not used because THEY ALL CAN BE TAMPERED WITH AND MADE TO WORK IN YOUR FAVOR.  This is about dedicating your eating to your health.  See if you can do it!!!  Our opening lecture and pictures will be on May 1!!!!

Head out to Atascadero in the morning to see the NORTHERN INFERNO booth at the Firehouse Fun Run.  Join some of the Northern members who are running!!!


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"Love the Ball"

Inferno Warm-up X3

Complete the Following:


3 Rounds:

     30 reps Wall Balls (20#@10', 15#@10')

     400m Run w Wall Ball

     20 reps Sit ups w Wall Ball




Snatch Balance w Pause


     *do a snatch balance and drop into the squat snatch position then hold for a count of 5 before you come back up.  See how heavy you can go.  The point here is to stabilize yourself in the bottom of the snatch beforey ou come back up.

. how are the arms after yesterdays WOD?  check this to floss em out!


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