There is a point in every workout where you come to that crossroads of wanting to get a few more reps or wanting to stop and rest.  Every time you come to this point, there is an actual competition that goes on inside you.  The more you choose one direction or the other makes it that much easier to fall into that routine.  For example, the more times you choose to stop and rest instead of getting a few more reps, the more that will be the norm and it will be harder to push yourself to get a few more when you need to.  The more you push to that little goal you set out there for yourself and MAKE yourself get it, the easier it is to push when you need to and make your body do what it NEEDS to do for you.  And this isn't only in the workouts, but in real life.  What side of the line do you want to be on?  Its your choice!

We are still looking for input on adding anotherclass.  The current ideas are a 12noon, a 345pm, and early classes on Mon and Wed.  Let us know your thoughts!  We want to test some classes out next week.



_________________________ DSC_0025

"Feel No Pain!"

Inferno Warm-up X3

Complete the Following:


9/50, 7/40, 5/30, 3/20, 1/10 reps (12 min max)

     Muscle-ups (Sub with bands)

     Double Unders (Sub with Tuck Jumps)




4 Rounds: (20 min max)

     10 reps Front Squats (205#, 135#)

     20 reps Burpees

     3 minute rest between each round


MWOD.....when mobbing your lower half, make sure you mob in proper position


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