Happy Easter to all my Infernites out there!!!!  Please make sure you enjoy some time with family and friends on this day.  Now that doesn't mean to not get your workout in but ill make today a fun one you can do with the kids as you are hunting for those hidden Easter Eggs:) 


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"Hippity Hop!"

Inferno Warm-up X3

Complete the Following:


3 rounds with a partner:

     Max rep Jump Overs (partner is laying down)

     Max rep Jump Overs (hands and knees)

     Max rep Jump Overs (leap frog hands on knees)

     *with a constant running  clock, 30 seconds one person works and the other rests, then switch immediately.  You get your rest while they are working.  There are 3 positions: laying down on your stomach, posted up on hands and knees, and standing with hands on your knees.  The person working is jumping back and forth as many times as possible in that 30 seconds.  Once the time ends, you fall to the ground quickly so the other person has the full 30 seconds to go for max reps.  Do each movement twice per person per round.  This is 2 minutes for each movement and a total of 6 minutes per round.


Go enjoy the day!!


MWOD.....helping your jumping calves and feet.  give 'em some love!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYp1U8-c7h4]

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