So mayb eyou might think that all the paleo freaks are too much.  Well heres another Dr and another study that is showing you that sugar is NOT good for you.  Guess what, its not just table sugar or whats in sodas, its anything that spikes your insulin......and what might that be?  You guessed it!  Check this video from 60 minutes!

ahhhhh yesss!!!


_________________________ DSC_0024

"Get your Hands UP!"

Inferno Warm-up X3

Complete the Following:


For Time:

     Buy in: 30 reps OHS (135#, 95#)

     4 rounds:

          20 reps Wall Balls (20#@10', 15#@10')

          15 reps Toes to Bar

          10 reps Power Cleans (135#, 95#)

     Cash Out: 30 reps Push Jerk (135#, 95#)




Front Rack Walk

     4 sets of 70 ft

     *Take the bar in the front rack position off the squat rack, walk to the end of the mat, turn around, and walk back to the squat rack.  Rest as needed between the sets.  Go for max weight.


MWOD.........think about this when you do your push-ups in your warm-up or any pusshing in your workouts


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