Virtuosity is a word used in Crossfit all the time.  Our definition is "doing the common, uncommonly well".  It sounds so far removed when you say it this way but basically it comes down to the foundation moves.  We want you to perfect your basic movements and this is why we are constantly on you to fix this or fix that.  I need to back track a bit.  When we say perfect, we mean there are certain points of performance that we want you to hit so that you are moving safely and efficiently.  When these points are hit more and more on a normal basis, then you develop muscle memory in these basic movements.  Once you hit these points on a regular basis, in a warm setting and then in a workout and a fatigued state, then you are doing the common movements uncommonly well.  And if you have this, then the gains you will achieve in your workouts will be unbelievable.  We strive for this of you, and we want you to strive for this of yourself!



_________________________ DSC_0023

"Boom shaka!"

Inferno Warm-up X3

Complete the Following:


7 Rounds:

     200m Run

     12 reps Hand Stand Push-ups




Hang Power Cleans

     Max Reps (225#, 155#, or 70% of your 1RM)


MWOD.....Good position starts from your foot up.  Check this out



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