Man we do so many crazy different things here!  We think we are power lifters, then gymnasts, then circus folk, then rowers.  Cant we make up our mind??   NOPE!  We can get into it (and I absolutely love the chit-chat about it and all the scientific reasons we do what we do but I'll keep it more mellow today)  but there is something that keep people coming back for more.  And its not the typical thing most gyms will give you.  It's FUN!!!  We want to have you playing like you were back when you were young!  Kids are usually in great shape and that's not because they are involved with crazy workout programs.  Its because they play and when they play its full speed doing all kinds of crazy things.  This will work with adults also.  The other thing is that you wont get bored.  We want you to have that little amount of "anxiety" when you come to the gym.  The "oh man I have no idea what this will be like" is a great way to keep it exciting.  If you don't have a frame of reference about it then you cant be scared about it, just excited.  So come on in and try all the crazy stuff we give you.  I can promise you will have a smile on your face at the end:)

Make sure you sign up on MINDBODY to reserve your spot in the class.  If the class is full and you did not sign up online, you will be asked to wait until the next class unless its full.  Once you reserve your spot, then make sure you swipe your keycard to show you are there. 



_________________________  DSC_0013

"Agile Kitty"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


4 Rounds:

     7 reps  Right Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster (53#, 35#)

     14 reps Toes to Bar

     7 reps Left Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster (53#, 35#)

     21 reps Pull-ups




3 Rounds

     50' Handstand Walk (or Hand Stand Hold for 1 minute)

     50 reps Double Unders (or Tuck Jumps)


MWOD......keep neck still to not break the system



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