19835_277745291354_511961354_4979026_7793752_nDawn is currently a Certified Massage Practitioner, and owner of Blossom Well (www.blossomwell.abmp).  While Dawn has been an athlete for most of her life, playing soccer since she was 6 her journey in the health and wellness industry commenced when she began competing in fitness competitions in 2004. In 2006, Dawn became a Certified Personal Trainer, working one on one with clients to help them reach their fitness goals. In addition, she taught group classes such as Boot Camps, Stretch classes, and Circuit classes. A graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Dawn completed her degree in Agricultural Science with a focus in Education. In 2008 Dawn began her career in Corporate Wellness working with companies such as Ebay and PG&E's Diablo Canyon. Through her wellness programs she taught her clients the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. She gave them tools to better themselves whether they were dealing with a specific issue, or were in need of overall wellness guidance.

In 2009 Dawn was introduced to Crossfit, by one of the owners of Inferno and was instantly hooked.  She then became a Certified Trainer and has been teaching at Inferno ever since. Her love for this sport and this community is always growing.  She has been able to travel to many boxes in the US, and has learned a lot from other trainers, owners, and athletes. She has competed in the 2010 Sectionals as an individual, and then the 2010 Regional's on the Inferno Team, and plans to continue to compete in upcoming events.  She is able to take her degree in Education, her passion for helping others, and her knowledge from past certifications and current to help the members at inferno grow into the athlete they were born to be.  She loves coaching, and is so grateful she was introduced to this amazing sport!

To learn more about Dawn and her services please visit her web site at www.blossomwell.abmp.com call her at (805) 215-8374, or email at g22g22g22@aol.com  Dawn is available for one on one private sessions and view the class schedule for when she is teaching classes!