Competition and CrossFit......a big discussion it seems.  The Games Season is starting tomorrow and soon there will be over 40,000 people jumping into the mix trying to see how they do in the Sport of Fitness.  However, there will be many that don't participate.  They don't want to compete on the world wide scale.  They want to just become more fit, more functional for longer.  I actually hear this from many people and I know that this competitive aspect scares many people away, which is really too bad.  The component of competition is a portion of what gives crossfit its magic.  I don't mean the "me against you" competition.  Im talking about the "ill try just a little bit harder because there are people around me and I don't want to stop in front of them" part.  On average, we will give more in a workout when we are with others than we will by ourselves.  Its much easier to stop when you are totally by yourself and no one is there to keep you going.  Its this competition that drives us in crossfit.  The Games are for the top 1% of all the crossfitters out there. Its the Olympics for us.  But there are triathlons in the Olympics, and runs in the Olympics, and people will still enter triathlons, etc all over.  Why?  Just so they can see how they do, or to give themselves something to shoot for.  I really hope that all of you, whether you think you have a chance or not to make it to the Games, get yourself into the Open Event.  Its a really fun way to do a workout with your team, get cheered on, and push yourself.  Show yourself how good you really are!!

We will be doing the validation for the Open Workouts every Saturday for the next 5 weeks at 1pm to 3pm.  Please be there by 1pm.  The first workout will be at 2pm at the latest.  We will be drawing for heat placements on the day of the event.  Get fired up!!!  MEMBERS.....we will have a "makeup day" on Thursday nights at the 730pm class.  Email if you need to attend that for validation!!

BURPEE CHALLENGE:  100 Burpees!!!!!



_________________________  DSC_0179

"Finish the Burpees!!!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


100 Burpees





     1000m Row

     50 reps Thrusters (45#, 35#)

     30 reps Pull-ups


MWOD.....Some final stuff for shoulders and internal rotation



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