So far 13 people have joined the Inferno Team!!!  Now I know there are more members here than only 13 people!  Why is it so important that you join?  The whole point of the INFERNO is to better yourself.  It may be an improvement in strength, or flexibility, or maybe its just in your own self confidence!  It takes guts to put yourself out there and be scored on your workout.  But you do this each and every day you come to the gym.  Don't let this opportunity slip past you!  You are part of something special and even if your goal isn't to get to the Games, it should be a goal to test yourself and this is just another test.  There is no difference between joining a triathlon or half marathon or mud run event or doing this!  Most don't enter those event thinking they will win.  They want to do it for the fun and to give themselves a goal.  Here is the perfect goal in the sport that you ALL are involved in!!  Dont be shy!!!  Go to this LINK and sign up and then sign up for our team!!!

Congrats to Mary Ann for placing 7th in the CrossFit LaLanne Deadth by Barbell competition this past weekend.  She had to endure a grueling 5 rounds of 15 deadlifts, 12 hang power cleans, 9 front squats and 6 push jerks.  Lovely little workout!!!  Great Job Mary Ann!!!!



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"Get up on IT!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds:

     10 reps Hang Power Clean (155#, 105#)

     10 reps Overhead Squat (155#, 105)




Push Jerk (off rack)


     *warm-up then your first set should be 85% of your 1RM.  Go heavy and think explosive!!


MWOD......are you ready for Overhead squatting today?




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