Coach Bob from the Biggest Loser is now hooked.  He is a new found CrossFit fanatic and he is using CrossFit now with his team on the show.  In fact, in the last show he had his team doing FRAN!  Now its interesting how all this new found publicity is playing out with CrossFit with Reebok and commercials on all the time and now the most popular weight lose reality show.  BUT, if you can get past all that wacky stuff, then Bob is single handedly answering, to the masses,  the biggest question, or the biggest fear people have about doing CrossFit:  They aren't in shape to do it.  I am asked this all the time!  "Do I need to workout and get in better shape before I come and do your CrossFit?"  The answer is always NO!!  We will take you from right where you are and make you better.  Yes we will scale the workout so that you are able to do it.  There is learning that needs to happen with the movements we do but yes you WILL be able to do it.  I am super excited about Bob and the Biggest Loser now  because when I have a fire chief tell me that CrossFit is too dangerous, then I can say "well there are 400 pound, out of shape people doing it on TV and my guys need to be ready to help those people".  And, if a nervous house wife asks me if she is crazy for thinking she even has a chance to do CrossFit, then I can show her the television and let her know that if they can do it, then she can do it!  Actually I should be thanking Jarett Perelmutter of Brick CrossFit down in West Hollywood because he was the guy that took Bob in and showed "America's Favorite Trainer", what we do and what real fitness really is.  Stoked!




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"Large Loads Long Distances Quickly"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:



     100 reps Pull-ups

     100 reps Push-ups

     100 reps Sit-ups

     100 reps Squats




Weighted Carry

     Using your 1RM Thruster weight, clean the barbell up and put into a high bar back squat position.  Walk 400m.  Everytime you drop the bar, you will have to do 5 back sqauts at the end of the 400m.  So if you drop it 3 times, then you have 15 back sqauts.  If you drop the bar when you cross the finish line before you have done your back squats, then you owe 5 more back squats.  If you drop the bar during the back squats, then you owe 5 more back squats.  Basically.....dont drop the bar:)


MWOD......this is why we want your feet straight in the squat, or very very close



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