The Games site is finally working correctly and you are able to make your profile, Register and sign up for the INFERNO Team!!!   I want all of you to sign up and get psyched up for the event!!!  Let get the whole team in there!!  Remember its about you and how YOU do against you!  BE GREAT BECAUSE YOUR ARE GREAT!!!

We want to congratulate our INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE WINNERS!!!!!!  Go to this link to see all the before and after pics of the winners!  Here they are and their awards!!

             1st Place:  Connor Noonan         ($375)

             2nd Place: Scott Schatcher         ($270)

             3rd Place Tie: Rocky Tormison & Eileen Shields   ($85 each)

       **Even though we are very proud of our winners, this event was not about money.  It was about seeing what true correct nutrition could do for our members.  Each and every persons that had before and after pictures showed an excellent change.  All of you got the benefits of a healthier body and a healthy change in your body and that is worth more than any amount of money!!



_________________________  DSC_0086

"Speedy Inferno"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


15-12-9 reps

     Power Cleans (115#, 75#)


*Go for the whole thing unbroken and no stopping.  SPEED!!!!!




400m Sprints

     6 sprints on 3 minutes


MWOD.....are your nerves ready to go fast?



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