So I stopped by the gym on my way back from the Officer Academy where I was doing the Physical Fitness Assessment for the members of my fire department.  I had to drop off some bars that came to the station and since it was on the way home, i figured id stop and drop them off.  When I showed up, I saw the most amazing thing....a gym FULL of hard working, energetic, heavy breathing, burpee doing, kettle bell swinging, wall ball throwing INFERNITES that were feeding of each others energy!!  The music was up, people were smiling and working at max capacity!  I stood there for a second and could nothing but smile!!!!!  There was a total sense of pride!!  I was watching my team, my tribe, all working it and loving it!  I absolutely love what we have here as a training group and as a community.  I cant imagine being anywhere else!!!  Keep up the great work you guys!

To all Unlimited Members, if you have a have a membership with either the original Inferno or the Northern Inferno,  then you are given 2 free workouts at the other Inferno each month. If you want to do any other workouts at the "not your home base gym" in the month, then each other workout is $5.  Totally a great deal!!  This must be paid when you come in rather than at the end of the month.



_________________________  DSC_0088

"Travelling WOD"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


3 Rounds

     5 reps Any Snatches (155#, 105#)

     10 reps Overhead Weighted Lunges w OHS grip (155#, 105#)

20 reps Burpees to 1 ft over outreached hand.

*after the 3 rounds of snatch and lunges, then you finish with 1 set of 20 burpees




5 rounds:

     Max time L-sit

     Max reps Double Unders

     *Go immeidiatly from one move to the next.  Score total time:total reps.


MWOD......set your core tight and you get more and better mobility!!



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