I'm sitting down watching the Family Guy, laughing at Stewie and all the Star Wars or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory references, and what do I see during the commercial break?  A Reebok CrossFit commercial talking about how the "sport of fitness has arrived"!  Ok, first off, its super cool to see anything CrossFit on TV.  My next thought is "what will does this mean for CrossFit"?  Now I'm not going to get all hypothetical and start to talk about the world ramifications of CrossFit going big time.  What I will say is this, the initial idea from Coach Glassman was that he wanted to start an underground revolution in fitness.  This has happened!  He was hoping to get people to understand the true idea of fitness and then to change the way they train so that this "true fitness" can be achieved by as many people as possible.  Its happening!  When we opened the doors at the INFERNO three years ago, no one around here knew what CrossFit was or had even heard of it.  A year later, some had a slight idea because they had a cousin who knew someone who did CrossFit and all it did was make them throw up (just an example).  A year after that, more have heard of it but they weren't really sure what it is other than some super hard workout.  And then this year, almost everyone has heard of it and everyone knows someone who does it somewhere.  WE ARE PART OF THIS HUGE FITNESS SWITCH!!!!  Since you are with us, you are part of this world wide movement!!  We arent a gym thats trying to jump on the band wagon, we arent trying to copy whats happening.  WE ARE CROSSFIT!!!  WE ARE THE REVOLUTION!!!  AND YOU ARE PART OF IT TOO!!  So when you see the commercials, you are seeing YOUR movement.  YOU ARE CROSSFIT!!!!  Everyone just wants to be part of the coolest club around now:)

Sorry the Paleo winners have not been announced yet...yes I know its taking forever.  We will get the top 3 winners up this weekend!!!



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"Feel the ticker!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

     50 reps Toes to Bar

     40 reps Box Jumps Games Standard (24", 20")

     30 reps Bar Facing Burpees

     20 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95#, 65#)

     10 reps Overhead Squats (95#, 65#)

(15 min time limit)




4 Rounds

     400m Sprint

     10 reps Deadlift (275#, 185#)

     *Each round is done on 3:30, so the faster you go, the more rest you get.


MWOD......some after running mobbing!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkPLnVU1KOo]


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