Injuries happen within ANY and EVERY workout program.  Basically if you are doing any thing physical in nature, you run the risk of an injury.  People say that you will injure yourself doing CrossFit because of all the lifting of heavy weights or the fact that you are lifting high reps at fast speeds.  This is what people dont understand about CrossFit.  We stress the importance of understanding the movements before you go for high end Intensity.  The progression is learning a skill, consistency of that skill, and then intensity of that skill.  Good form will protect you from injury.  We train you in no-weight to light weight, moderate weight and heavy weight in all the movements so that you have trained ALL the muscles used for that movement.  Light weight allows you to use only the necessary muscles to make your body move.  But as you get heavier, your body will need to recruit more muscles to either help move the weight or stabilize the body as it moves.  Repeating these moves properly will enable a muscle memory for the correct positions  to, again, prevent injury.  If it happens that you do get hurt, we do not promote just stopping everything and not training for 2-4 weeks.  We would rather have you ice the injury for 2 days, then come back in and start to work through the movements  again with zero to light weight.  The idea is to break up any scar tissue and to get the muscle fibers and other connective tissues rehabbed by moving in the proper positions.  the body was MADE to move in these directions.  Doing these movements are good for it.  So, be confident in your training and how it will reduce your chance of injury.  But if it happens, don't be a stranger.  We can still help you through it!



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"Be Smart"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds:

     30 foot Hand Stand Walk starting on wall (Sub: with 30 second handstand holds, or handstand holds with hand transfer)

     30 reps Double Unders (Sub: 3:1 singles but 10 attempts at doubles)

     20 reps Hand Release Push-ups

*for hand stands, start in a handstand position with your stomach flat against the wall.  keeping a hollow body position, be able to move back and forth on your hands pulling one hand off the ground each time.  If you are comfortable with this then lean your feet out slightly and with a controled fall, move your hands and start to walk.  If you fall, then do the normal kick up to the handstand walk to finsh the distance)




5 rounds

   30 seconds Max Back Squats (225#, 155#)

   60 seconds rest

. stable are your hips??



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