In just about a week, the world wide registration for the 2012 CrossFit Games Sectional Open will begin.  What does this mean for our members and anyone else out there in the world?  It means you have a chance to be involved in the world's LARGEST fitness competition EVER!!!  This event is open to everyone of all ages and abilities and allows you the opportunity to put yourself up against the best in the world!  Now, this could be seen as kind of scary to many but it shouldn't be.  How many other times in your life do you get to step on the same stage as the best in the world?  But don't worry, only your scores will go head to head.  You will get to do the weekly workouts here in your own gym, with your own people rooting you on!  And that's nothing different than you already do on a daily basis.  We will have this Open Event every Saturday after the normal classes.  AND, they will be open to the public so that they can try their hand at the Games as well!  All of you that are here with us are involved in the greatest fitness program out there.  There are many others who say that what they do will make them the most fit.  Well here is there chance to showcase their abilities.  So if you know anyone who thinks they have it, tell them to come and give the OPEN a try!!  Its going to be fun!!!  I'll post a full info page soon for everyone!!



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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds:

     *3 reps Hang Squat Clean (as heavy as possible!)

     *Max Ring Dips

     *2 min rest

            This starts of with you warming up until you get heavy enough so that you are approx 90% of a 3RM, or almost maxing out for 3 reps.  Do not put the bar down during this. It will be touch and go.  the second you finish your last clean, go directly to the rings and do max reps on the rings.  Give yourself 2 mintes rest before you go to the next round.  The object here is to go as heavy as you can and absolutley max on on the reps until failure, then recoup and do it again.




4 rounds:

     *12 reps Burpees

     *12 reps Toes To Bar

. do your knees make more noise than a squeaky/creaky door??.


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