Rest is extremely important.  We all want to increase our strength and our performance, which in turns leads to a better body.  But we NEED the rest time so that our body can repair, but also so that our minds can relax a bit.  The whole point of these workouts is to hit them as intense as you possibly can.  Now if you do this day after day, then you aren't achieving that.  Sure you are tired, but there has to be an attack to it.  We normally say 3 on and 1 off.  But this IS NOT a hard fast rule.  The more appropriate rule would be to listen to your body.  Have you gone 5 days straight?  hows your body feeling?  Maybe you went two but you feel smashed by the workouts and life.  Give yourself a day to rejuvenate a bit.  Don't feel guilty about it.  Its just as important to your improvement as the workouts are.  Plus your body can even go into a stress caused induced state if you push it to hard too many days in a row.  Its ok to give yourself a day.  But listen to your body. It will say what it needs.  Now on those rest days, do something fun.  Go on a long run with your dog at the beach, play football with your friends, go to a rock gym, walk to the top of Bishops Peak, go surfing, etc.  These are all fun activities that let your mind rest and doesn't attack your body like the workouts do.  Take care of your body and it WILL take care of you.



_________________________  DSC_0209

"CrossFit Fun-ness"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

1200m Run

21 reps Deadlift (255#, 175)

21 reps "L" Pull-ups

800m  Run

15 reps Deadlift

15 reps "L" Pull-ups

400m Run

9 reps Deadlifts

9 reps "L" Pull-ups




Shoulder Press



MWOD.....are your legs compensating for bad joint mobility?? 



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