It kills me when people try to say that what we do is unsafe.  They use their own fears or inabilities to justify their own weak sauce routines and then try to prove to me that what I do hurts people.  First off, I have been involved in sports, athletics and health and fitness for over 35 years (oh my gosh that hurt to say that!!).  I have done almost every program out there.  I have trained with some of the best athletes from different sports.  I have studied movements as an athlete and as a coach.  I have transposed that to firefighting and keeping myself and my firefighters safe, strong and efficient.  But then I have another captain tell me that doing Deadlifts is unsafe and shouldn't be done?!?!?!  I about exploded! Yes we are here to help the public when they need us, but when we go into any incident, we go in as teams.  When I'm wearing my full turnout gear, I weigh about 250 pounds.  If you are not prepared to lift 250 pounds of dead weight, what chance do I have??  Don't tell me you will be able to do it when you need to.  If you haven't stressed, strengthened and trained your back side to be strong, and to move the right way, THEN its unsafe!!  If you haven't trained how to lift something properly and understand WHY you are doing what you are doing, then you WILL hurt something when you go to lift me and we are both screwed!  You cant say CrossFit is bad and hurts people when the military forces are using it as their training during boot camps and they are finding less injuries and improved scores on their test.  My answer to the captain is "I will never go in a building with you."




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"3 Pieces"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


9 min AMRAP:

     4 reps Ground to Overhead (135#, 95#)

     8 reps Ring Dips

     12 reps Box Jumps (24", 20")




Squat Clean Thruster

    *8 min to find a good 1RM




Front Squat (205#, 135#)

     *30 reps for time


MWOD.......Hows your front rack??



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