So the new year is coming up and its that time when people think about new years resolutions.  Hopefully you aren't going to fall into the same trap as the masses out there with the "weight loss" or better health.  We like to think that since you are on this ride with us that you have already put these things in check.  So then what other options are there?  Well, we have a couple days to think about it so I want you to really come up with something good.  Think about what you really to improve yourself:  more sleep, keeping more of a routine for you workouts, not having cheat days, making a point learning more about the movements, regular upkeep with chiro or massage?  The list is endless.  Take the time over the next couple days and look at yourself in the mirror and be truly honest to yourself and what you need to adjust for the next year.

Those of you who said that you want to be in on the grass fed beef, we are going to be collecting the money next monday.  Ill let you know the final amount tomorrow.



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"10 is Perfect!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


10 Rounds:

10 reps Dumbbell Thrusters (50#, 35#)

10 reps Ring Dips




10 Rounds:

Bear Crawl (4 lengths of the gym, wall to wall)

    *1 round every minute on the minute


MWOD.....grinding some hip bits and getting shoulders ready for the dips!!



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