Its amazing to realize that at EVERY level of sport and athletics, there is a coach to help make them better.  CrossFit and the INFERNO are no different!  We have trainers and coaches that are there for the sole reason to make you better.  Now "better" may be different for everyone in the room.  Some may want to make it to the GAMES, some may want to lose weight, some may want to improve their flexibility.  Whatever the issue, you will ALWAYS need someone to make you better.  I have been one of those guys who worked out by myself for years.  I studied magazines and articles and felt like I knew everything I needed to know.  It wasn't until I had people actually watching that I was able to improve.  Now that I have been doing CrossFit for years and I again study articles and videos all the time, I still need someone to watch me and tell me whether or not I am doing movement correctly, if I am getting full range of motion, if I can improve something, etc.  I would be a FOOL to discount any help that our trainers give out.  If they tell me I need to go lower, then I take their word and go lower.  If they say I need to lock out my arms, I give more so that I can lock out my arms.  Don't take offense, don't argue, don't be all prideful.  If you are then YOU lose out.  Use the trainers to your benefit and you will improve!

The Paleo pictures will be up online for voting after the first of the year.  Sorry about time in between but I want to make sure everyone gets to vote.



_________________________  DSCN2350

"OC What?!?"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

10 reps Muscle-ups (10 reps hips to ring or bar)

20 reps Deadlift (315#, 225#)

30 reps Front Squat (155#, 105#)

40 reps Hand Stand Push-up

50 Calorie Row




Hang Squat Clean


*Warm-up then go heavy.  Object is to see how much you can successfully do at 3 reps.  Cant put it down!!!

. old school calf work for the squat



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