The shortest day of the year has finally pasted!  We now can revel in the fact that the days will get longer!!  Do the short days bother you as much as it does me?  We talk about moving and eating the ways our cavemen brothers and sisters did way back in the day.  What did they do when the days were short?  They would sleep.  They would do the work or hunt what they needed and then rested and kept warm.  Now if I could only sleep more!!!  I feel myself slow down in the evening making it hard to workout.  So how do you make that work in your favor?  Treat it as weighted vest.  What I mean by this is yes it will be more difficult when you are not into it, yes you may move a little slower, yes it may take a bit longer to get mentally into it.  But isn't this what these workouts are all about?  Can you push through the difficulties?  I think that you can.  I know that you can!  Come with me and lets crush them together!!!

Tomorrow at 930am is the 12 days of Christmas Workout!!!!!!  Bring a friend for this FREE fun workout!!!!!! 



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"Dumbbells and a minute"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


2 Rounds:

Dumbbell Thrusters Max Reps 1 min (50#, 35#)

     rest 1 min

Man Makers Max Reps 1 min (50#, 35#)

     rest 1 min

Dumbbell Burpees Max Reps 1 min (50#, 35#)

     rest 1 min

Hang Squat Cleans Max Reps 1 min (50#, 35#)

     rest 1 min

Dumbbell Jerk Max Reps 1 min (50#, 35#)

     rest 1 min

*Score by total reps


MWOD......evil work on external rotation



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