For all of our visiting crossfitters, we will have regular classes all this week with, with only 1 class on Saturday at 930am, and a normal schedule on Monday.  Your first class is free and our Holiday Drop-in rate will be $10 after that.  We love having visitors and cant wait for you to workout with us!!!

Yesterday was a day of firsts!!  Steve Sorensen had a goal of snatching 185# and has been working on it. We have seen huge improvements in all of his lifts lately like the cleans, etc.  All this practicing has paid off because, after carrying a stone a bunch of times, he was still able to hit the 185# mark on the snatch successfully!!!!  So badass Steve!  Eileen Shields has NEVER done ring dips since she has been working out with us and yesterday was able to scratch that off her list!  Great job Eileen!!  Bonnie Lyons, who just doesn't seem to realize how incredible she is, has hit not just a pull-up unassisted, not just a chest-to-bar unassisted pull-up, but a weighted (15#) unassisted chest-to-bar pull-up!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!  AND....... we had our very first CrossFit Inferno Family Baby hang out for his first Inferno workout!!!  Mason hung out rocking to some good tunes and the sounds of his dad grunting while carrying a Stone!!!  That's what memories are all about!!!  I just want to say that we are super stoked on the people that are part of the INFERNO Family!  This group that you are a part of is not just gym, not just a school of fitness, but a place where we all constantly improve and better ourselves.  We get to be around some amazing people, pick up some amazing traits, do some amazing things, and well....just be amazing!!!  I love this place!!!



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"Mason's Mashing Madness"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


7 min AMRAP:

7 reps Deadlifts (315#, 205#)

     *80 foot sprint

14 reps Pistols (7 each leg)

21 reps Double Unders

     *80 foot sprint

*the sprint will be from where ever you are standing in the gym, down to one side of the gym, back to the other, and then back where you are standing.  Score this by number of reps in 7 minutes.  1 round is 42 reps.  No points for the running.




Find a 1RM weighted pull-up (in 7 minutes)


5 Rounds:

Max Reps Weighted Pull-ups (50% of 1RM)

Handstand Walk 60 feet (or Hand Stand Hold for 1 minute)

*Score by number of pull-ups

. about a holiday mash party!



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