Why would someone hate on CrossFit so much?  Your right, its hard, its a cult, we talk funny, we eat funny, we talk about jerks and snatches, we are fanatics.  It doesn't bother me when someone doesn't understand crossfit.  All they have to do is ask about it and I'd be happen to answer any questions they have.  The annoying thing is when someone, who really doesn't understand what or why we do what we do, thinks they have all the answers about it because they looked at the Crossfit website.  I have heard some people say that CrossFit is just about physically crushing yourself and leads to a large amount of injuries.  WRONG!  Crossfit is high intensity yes, but the point is to learn a movement, gain consistency with that movement, then train at high intensity with that movement.  There is learning that must occur first.  Do we still push people so they get a workout?  Absolutely.  But with learning the proper movement and having a coach who understands the movement, and can correct any faults, will keep you safe and uninjured.  Plus it must be noted that the military forces, who have started going to crossfit training for their physical training, has shown greater increase in their strength and endurance standards while having a lower incident of injury. CrossFit is seen as the fastest growing fitness program.  Its a lifestyle, not a 12 week program, or a fad.  Its the ONLY fitness program out there that defines their objectives.  For all of those other programs out there, if you feel that your program will make a more fit individual, all you have to do is test it.  Come out to the CrossFit Games Open event.  This is a world wide event used to find the fittest person on the plant.  Come and test out your program and we will see how it does! 



_________________________  DSC_0008


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Tabata Double

Back Squat (135#, 95#)

Toes to Bar

*8 rounds with 1 round being 20 seconds as many as you can do, 10 seconds rest, then 20 seconds as many as you can do of the secong move and then 10 second rest.  The bar will be taken from the ground and put behind their head for the squats .




1000m Row for time




*Warm-up first and then go for it!!!


MWOD.....a little something for our endurance athletes out there

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0ayugSjKZA]


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