Why is a squat so important??  Its something that we do EVERY single day of our lives (or that we should be doing instead so that we don't hurt ourselves).  It is a movement that we are MADE to do.  Our knees and hips bend a certain way and a certain distance to accommodate the movement.  When we squat we bring in to work the largest muscles in our lower body all working in unicent.  And it is the SAFEST way to move!  In fact if you do a squat the correct way then you will actually be rehabbing any injuries you might have to your knees.  The movement of the full squat will bring the tension and torsion of the movement onto the hips where it was made to take that amount of torque.  If you do a partial squat then you keep the tension on the tibia and the weight is never transferred to the stronger parts of the body.  So, to keep your legs strong and to rehab any old injuries you might have in your knees, etc, you NEED to do your squats to the appropriate depth.  So why is the squat important again?  Because it helps me to lead an independent and injury free life.  Well if that's the case then why don't they do full squats in step classes, or on the Insanity DVDs or P90x DVDs??  Good question!!  Thoughts?



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"Dad Dad Daddio!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:



100 reps Air Squats

5 reps Muscle-ups

75 reps Air Squats

10 reps Muscle-ups

50 reps Air Squats

15 reps Muscle-ups

25 reps Air Squats

20 reps Muscle-ups

*  Scales are Bar Muscle-ups 1:1, Jumping Muscle-ups 2:1, Hips to Bar Pull-ups 3:1, Chest to Bar Pull-ups 4:1




Any Clean

30 reps for time (205#, 135#)


MWOD......have your done a 10 minute squat lately?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzFgLf8CC1Y]


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