Today is the final day of the Mustache!!!!  So for all of you that stepped up and grew a little bit of luxury....NICE JOB AND STRONG WORK!!!!  Those of you that didn't...or shaved early....P#%$SY!  HAHAHA!  There are tons of events that go into Breast Cancer Awareness in October.  Its only fair to get involved for Prostate Cancer in November.  If you didn't do it this year, we will be doing it again next year.  Bye bye Mustache!

Obviously the most popular characteristics out of the 10 that we try to hit are the Strength, Power, Speed and Endurance.  The ones that many times get left out are the Balance, Flexibility, Agility, and Coordination.  When we do skill type workouts these will usually tap straight into these.  However many wont do them because they aren't of the normal barbell and running workouts.  These skill workouts transfer over into so many other things we do.  Isn't it important to have shoulder strength and be able to push strictly from your shoulders? YES!  Is it the most efficient way to move weight overhead? NO but we need to be strong in all areas.  With funky moves like a Turkish Get-up, it may be hard to see where the "workout" is.  It's all easy on the first couple but once you throw it into the mix with some other things under a time frame, now it is much more difficult to keep that ball overhead and stable the whole time as your breathing hard.  Keeping your core tight, being able to balance an object under duress is a is something that we do on job sites everyday whether you are a fire fighter, a carpenter or a waitress.  Don't shrug off the skill work!!  It will help you more than you know!!

MO'Vemebr ending........yes we already had this one but its so awesome!!!




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"Til Next Year MO'! "

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Clean Complex


*Complex consists of 1 Power Clean, 1 Hang Power Clean, 1 Hang Squat Clean, and 1 Full Squat Clean. Your hands never leave the bar and it stays off the ground until the last Full Squat Clean and it must be touch and go off the ground. Warm up first then make the 1st set 70% of your 1RM Power Clean.




AMRAP in 15 minutes:

4 reps Shoulder Press (135#, 95#)

8 reps Wall Walks

12 reps Turkish Get-ups (53#, 35#) 6 each arm


MWOD......Are your shoulders externally rotating and supporting??


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