We are hoping to have the Foundations Class this Sunday but we need to have at least 5 of our new members let us know that they will be there.  We need to have everyone that would like to take the class email here by Saturday at noon.  This is so we can cancel the class if we don't have the numbers.   This class is required for ALL of our Unlimited members due to the fact that we want you to get the most out of your workout.  Those that come everyone once in a while are totally welcome as well.  We don't make it mandatory for them because they wont be pushing the limits as much as the Unlimited.  But we would still love you to come and learn at this 3 hour, $100 class.

There have been some pretty interesting Mo's around the gym lately.  I wont call anyone out though.  A mustache is a pretty personal thing, but hopefully some of you made it out to get a drink from the guest bartender at the Creeky Tiki last night!!!  Im sure Anthony was slingin' some sick drink.... and hopefully he didn't dip his mustache in any of the beverages:)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tLcmnMG55M]

CROSSFIT NORTHERN INFERNO will officially be open for business on Monday November 28!!  Check this link to get to the main website and check the info there or you can email here!!



_________________________ DSC_0006

"Mo' Repping!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


AMRAP in 10 minutes:

15 reps Rt Arm DB Thruster (50#, 35#)

15 reps Lt Arm DB Thruster (50#, 35#)

100m Sprint




5 Rounds: (each round is exactly 90 sec for total of 7:30)

5 reps Deadlift (315#, 220#)

Max Reps Ring Dips


MWOD........get the hammys ready to deadlift!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HomJymq0VZE]


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