A healthy lifestyle is definitely a choice but it is an active choice.  Its amazing how fast you can get off your quest for health.  Its so easy to not workout, or to let other things get in the way of your gym time.  Its just as easy to give in to eating the quick and easy and oh-so-tasty-crap-food instead of taking the time to actually cook all the good-for-you-stuff.  Why is it so hard to stay on track?  Our society has become such creatures of convenience.  If there is something to make our life easier, we are all about it!  I love technology as much as the next guy and I seem to battle with having 29 hours of stuff to fit into 24 hours of time, but it really all comes down to priority.  My health has to be priority.  Not so that I can look good cruising around without a shirt (although I do the best I can) but so that I can lead the active healthy life for a long time with my family and friends and be able to do my job as a firefighter and keep myself from getting injured or worse.  My health MUST be a priority.  If I take the time to workout and eat right, then there will be less doctor visits or sick days to keep me down.  Its so easy to fall off the wagon, but think about the ramifications if you.  Keep on track!!  It will make your life so much better!!

For those that are wondering, CrossFit Northern Inferno is just about complete and will be open to serve the north county.  We cant wait to let North San Luis Obispo County see what TRUE CrossFit is all about instead of the "crossfit-like" attempts.  Here's the link to the website and the EMAIL.  The programing at the NORTHERN INFERNO will be the same as here so you can be sure that you are getting the same great workouts no matter where you are!!!  This is going to be fun!! If you have any questions, just send an EMAIL!!

We are exactly halfway through Mo'Vember!!!  Hows your Mo' doing?

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"Mo'Betta Snatch!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Squat Snatch (15 minutes)


*warm-up and your first set should be 75% of 1 RM.  See how heavy you can get.  For those that are new to the snatch, this will be practice time for the snatch.





5 reps Power Snatch (135#, 95#)

100m run

*after the completion of the 3rd round you have 30 burpees before you complete the last 3 rounds.


MWOD.....Hows is your wrist pain going overhead?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFZv-_pRe2k]

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