Kelley Starette, the Crossfit Mobility Master, has had such an impact on the crossfit community with his Mobility Project.  Many crossfitters out there  will do his MWODS on a daily basis.  Kelley has a new one each and everyday hitting different parts of the body, but he also has some that I have seen the vast majority of crossfitters doing daily.  I have been asked by some if we could include the MWOD into our daily class.  My response to that is this.....IT IS!!  Well sort of.  Now our coached time is 1 hour each time you are here, but this doesnt mean you are done.  I have said MANY MANY times to come in a little early to prep yourself for the workout. I have said to stay late to roll out with the foam roller etc.  We have 1 hour to get you stretched out, warmed up, review technique, and hit the workout.  It is up to you to do any extra that you might need.  You have to see MWODding as preventative maintenance just the same as icing or fishoiling.  We tell you to do it but we aren't going to hold your hand.  We know that everyone has busy days and you may not be able to always do the appropriate mobility at the gym.  I know you can find 10 minutes to do it.  Its all about prioritizing.  Heres one for today.  We have had people blow their Achilles Tendons before (not while in here thankfully), my dad has recently, and I hear that there are some of you who are doing the OC Throwdown event and there is a ton of jumping in the wod.  Here is a little MWOD that might help out.  Take it away Kelley!




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"Again Faster WOD #2"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


AMRAP in 8 minutes:

3 reps Snatch Complex:(1 rep is the 3 moves below

     1 rep Power Snatch

     1 rep Hang Power Snatch

     1 rep Hang Squat Snatch

          *once you start the snatch you cant let it touch the ground until all 3 of the reps have been done.  If you drop the bar then you must start again at the Power Snatch.  Weight of the bar is the same for all 3 movements (135#, 95#)

3 reps Wall Walks

          *starting in a push-up positionwith feet against the wall you must push yourself up and climb your feet up the wall until you are in a full handstand position with your sternum touching the wall.  You can come down anyway you want.

**Score by counting the number of total reps performed




Front Squats



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