Im sure by now you have seen tons of crossfitters wearing those long black tights, sleeves on their arms, or even sleeves on their calves right?  Why?  These athletes are wearing compression clothing.  The purpose of this attire is two fold:  for athletic performance during the event and for recovery after an event for less soreness and stiffness for the next day.  Compression garments can help muscle fatigue by increasing the circulation in the muscles.  WIth increased blood flow comes a reduction in lactic acid.  It helps support the muscles from bouncing around so much during exercise which decreases the amount of energy used.  It has been showed in studies that muscle contractions can last longer and stronger while under the compression garments due to saving this extra amount of energy.  There have even been studies that show that coordination seems to be improved while under the compression garments but they aren't sure why.  It may be the results of the tactile sensations between the skin and the garment.  But an increase is noted.  As far as recovery goes, with the less amount of lactic acid build up during your activities, the less soreness the following day you will feel.  Also, the compression is good to wear while travelling, sleeping or even if you work all day at a job where you stand up for many hours on hard surfaces.  So even though you may look a little bit like Superman or Peter Pan (depends how you look at it), there are some huge benefits.  I wear them and I definitely suggest them to all of our members.    There are a handfull of brands out there but seems to be 3 main brands in the crossfit world: BSC (Body Science Compression), Skins, and 2Xu.  All work with the same idea.  However, I have found that BSC works better, they are tighter for much longer and my own personal recoveries have been greater.  I wore them all through my Games training and they were amazing!  We actually are an affiliate with BSC and we can get a discount to the cost of the garments.  I will have the link for that up on the site soon.  Then, I expect to see a room full of super Heroes!!! 


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"Feeling Lucky?"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


AMRAP in 10 minutes:

10 reps Deadlift (275#, 185#)

20 reps Box Jumps

10 reps Hand Stand Push-up




Snatch Balance


*warm- up good first then go your first set at 75% of 1RM.


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