We see many athletes come through our doors with some monstrous strength.  We also see those that could use a little work in the strength department.  Obviously, if you want to get stronger you must lift heavy and one of the many mantras of Crossfit Training is "Lifting Large Loads, Long Distances, Quickly".  One of the best ways to do this, whether you are already a beast or just a cub ready to explode into beast form, is that when ever you are doing any lifting that requires you to pick the bar up off the ground is to do the "Hook Grip".  The hook grip is a way of "locking" your fingers around the bar without using any other outside objects other than your own hands.  To do this, grab the bar with the fingers wrapping the bar one way and the thumb come back around the other way.  Lay your thumb along the bar and have your first two fingers cover the top of your thumb when they wrap around the bar.  This virtually LOCKS the bar in your hand and then you wont have to worry about the bar slipping or making that the weak part of the lift.  Now i will say that it does hurt for about the first 2 weeks you do it, but if you stick with it, you will get used to the pressure and your numbers will skyrocket!!  A little protective measure would be to wrap your thumb with some tap and it gives even more friction for your fingers but also protects the thumb nail bed a bit.  Give it a try and ask the trainers for help with it!!


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"Doosie Double"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Freddys Revenge

5 Rounds: (10 min time limit)

5 reps Shoulder to Overhead (185#, 125#)

10 reps Burpees

*Take weight off rack




Hang Squat Clean


*Warm-up well first then your first set should be around 85% of 1RM. These are touch and go off the ground. 


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