I messed up somewhere on here but the INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE will start on Wednesday October 5.  We will NOT be having our normal 730pm class that night so that we can do an intro lecture on the Paleo Diet, the rules of our event and our "before" pictures.  Again, the cost of this event is $30.  Why should you pay $30??  First, we are not taking ANY of the money for the gym, our trainers, equipment, etc.  The money is simply to give you a little more incentive to stay strict for the 8 weeks.  $30 really isn't that much.  For most, its a night of drinks out downtown, or sushi, or a pair of movie tickets and popcorn.  But it may be just what you need to get in the challenge and STAY in.  If you are still thinking that you are MOSTLY paleo, then more than likely, you really aren't paleo at all.  Reset your diet and reset your life!!!  Can you do it on your own?  Sure! But will you?????  Come do it with your group, come do it with your tribe!!!  Help your other Infernites and let them help you to the best 8 weeks!!

What would you say if we were to have an Olympic Lifting Class held here at the INFERNO put on by one of the top Olympic Lifting Coaches in America?


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"DJ Grundizzle"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


4 Tabata Round of Squats

3 min AMRAP

         7 reps Push Press (135#, 105#)

         12 reps Chin-ups

*10 sec rest

4 Tabata Rounds of Push Ups

5 min AMRAP of:

          20 reps Kettle Bell Swing (53#, 35#)

          30 reps Double Unders

*1 tabata round is 20 seconds as many reps as you can get and 10 seconds rest.  This workout will take exactly 12 minutes!  So the clock is constantly running.




400m Sprints

4 sprints.  go every 3 minutes.  So the faster you go, the more rest you get!


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