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That's right all you CALPOLY know you cant be at school and not have an insane place to workout and get rid of some of that stress from all those classes AND keep that Freshman 15 far away from you!!!!  Well, the CrossFit INFERNO Gym is here for you!!! CalPolylogo


The INFERNO, which is the first, largest and most recognized CrossFit Gym in Central California, wants to offer you students a special package of 2 workouts a week for ONLY $50 a month!!  You cant find a CrossFit deal like that anywhere and when you know you are being trained by some of CrossFit's top trainers, with world class programming, you know that your fitness will be in check while you are here in San Luis Obispo!

ImagesCome on in to any of our regularly scheduled classes and we can get you signed up for this special package.  You will be greeted by an amazing community of Crossfitters who are all here for the same thing you are:  true fitness and the best workouts you can get.  And even if you have never tried Crossfit and you might be a little nervous about it, we can scale ALL of our workouts to suit each individuals abilities.  Don't waste your time just floating around some globo gym, or waste time at "crossfit like" classes.  Be a part of the REAL THING!!!  Come have some of the most fun you will ever have working out!!!

  And for all you non-students ot there who are looking for that "Fountain of Youth", you also benefit by the rec center being closed!!!!  That's right, you also can get the 2 workout a week special at a very discounted cost of $80 a month!!! Inferno design bw sm



The INFERNO is here to serve everyone in the San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast area!!!!  Don't wait!!!  There is no better time to start your road to TRUE fitness!!!


For more information, please search through our website or you can call or email at the numbers below!!!