Today is the day when we offer up a little bit of pain and small amount of cash for those that are less fortunate.  Crossfitters around the world are all getting together in Crossfit Boxes everywhere and donating in both money and sweat to the Navy Seals Foundation, the Patriot Camp and Crossfit Kids Infant Swim Rescue Program.  Its a great feeling to help out others and what better way than to come to a great gym, with some great people and do an amazing workout like this.  Fight Gone Bad was a workout that was orignally designed for BJ Penn of UFC fame.  Coach Greg Glassman designed it for him as a metabolic test for a UFC fight.  This means that it will be as hard as a fight without all the kicking and punching.  After he finished it, BJ was laying on his back in a daze.  Glassman gave him a moment to compose himself and then he went over and asked him if it felt like a fight?  BJ simply replied, "yeah, it felt like a fight gone bad!".  And there it stuck!!!!

Please be aware everyone that today will be a first come first service workout day from 9am-4pm.  It will cost a minimum of $25 to do the workout even if you are a member or a trainer with us.  Again, this is a benefit workout.  All those who participate will get a really cool shirt, and can stick around and eat some good food with at the end of the day too!!  See you there on Saturday!!!!!


_________________________ Round-FGB6-300

"Fight Gone Bad 6!!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


3 Rounds:

*On a continuous running clock, you will do 1 minute at each of 5 stations without any breaks between them.  There is 1 minute rest after you get through each round which is one time through the movements

Max Reps Wall Ball (20#@10', 15#@10')

Max Reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75#, 35#)

Max Reps Box Jumps (20" for all)

Max Reps Push Press (75#, 55#)

Max Calories Row (any dampner).

Rest 1 minute


Score by adding your total number of reps and calories together.  You judge will determine if your reps are full range or not.  Have a Great Time and be proud of yourself for the the job you did and the workout that you completed!!!


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