We are calling out to all of our members to help us out with FIGHT GONE BAD 6 this weekend!!!!!  This is a huge Crossfit Event that happens all over the world!  Yes we want you to do the event, which is only a $25 dollar donation or free if you have raised over $25, but we also want and NEED you to help with us!!!  We need counters for all of the others who will be doing the workout.  Please sign up at the gym today!!!

Make sure you register for your classes on Mindbody!!!!!

Josh, Craig and I are all still out on the fires but we will see you soon!!


_________________________ DSC_0028

"Double Fran"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


21-15-9 reps

Thrusters (95#, 65#)


.....rest 5 minutes

21-15-9 reps



*  You will be on your own clock for this one.  However there will be a max time limit of 8 minutes for each Fran.  Please scale appropriately so that you are able to complete the Fran under the 8 minutes.  Total time for this portion is 21 minutes.  MAKE SURE YOU COUNT CORRECTLY AND USE FULL RANGE OF MOTION!!!!




Back Squat

Warm-up, 5 reps of 75%1RM, 3 reps of 85%, Max reps of 90%.


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