Speed is an EXTREMELY important part of our training.  Sometimes its your basic sprinting speed but mostly its how fast are you doing the work that is on the workout board.  THERE IS NO INTENSITY WITHOUT SPEED!!!!  Intensity is Power and Power is how fast Work is done.  Now, this doesn't mean that you cheat reps or short the range of motion to get done first.  It means that you go as fast as you can go while keeping good form.  We want good form, because if you are taking the time to have PERFECT form, then you are going WAY to slow!  Each day we tell you the key safety points for each movement and as long as you are keeping those, then grab that bar and get moving.  It takes so much more energy to go fast, but you will burn more calories and have more of a neuroendocrine response if you get your body to redline.  So reap the benefits of going fast!!!  See how fast you can go today!!

There is a sign up sheet in the gym for the Fight Gone Bad 6 Event that we are hosting here at the gym.  If you do-nt know what it is, please click the link in the side bar and find out about this WORLDWIDE Crossfit Event!!!  WE NEED YOUR HELP on Saturday September 17, 2011!!!!


_________________________ DSC_0003

"All about Speed"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds:

5 reps Deadlift (285#, 185#)

10 reps Burpees




10 rounds

100m Shuttle runs on 1 min

*20m distance, must crossline and touch the ground on each lap


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