We have a saying at the INFERNO that is put on our web site each and every day...."Feel the Burn!"  Now obviously since we are a gym, its easy to say the burn is that feeling in your muscles when you are working out hard.  Yes, there is a burn for sure.  But the burn that we talk about is more of a "burning of passion"!  Passion for life.  Passion for your family.  Passion for your health.  Passion to achieve your goals.  Passion to live life the way you want to.  Passion to not just exist but live to the fullest.  Passion to not let anything stop you or bring you down.  Passion to keep that fire burning!  This is what we are all about!  This is what our flame is about!  This is what "FEEL THE BURN" is all about!!!  Never let the Burn, or the Flame, go out!!!

Hey we need all of you to use the Mindbody link to register for your classes!!!  Register online and then bring your keycard to check in at the gym.  Please show up for the classes you register for.  We want everyone to be used to this process because when our classes get full, we would hate to tell you that you cant workout in that one because we are full.  Its not hard, just have to get used to it!!


_________________________ DSC_0014

"Double Duty"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


21-15-9 reps (15 min max)

Back Squats (225#, 155#)

Ring Dips




21-15-9 reps (15 min max)

Double Bell Ground to Overhead (50#, 35#)

Toes to Bar.


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