How important is music to you and your workout?  Crossfitters seem to have a generalization of being very fit, tatt'ed up, crazy hair, very angry loud music listening people.  Does music help you have a better workout?  I remember when I was wrestling, I would turn the music up as loud as I could handle so that I wasn't able to hear how hard I was breathing and all the funky noises I would make!  The music allowed me to not think about how the fact that I sounded like I was going to die, but to cancel that ot and just concentrate on pushing harder and harder.  What music do you like and why does it work best for you?  Does it drive you?  Is it background?  Is it inspirational? Or do you even hear it at all?  Post about music in your world!!

There will be a signup sheet for help on September 17 for the FIGHT GONE BAD 6 event that we are hosting here at the INFERNO.  Please help us make this a fun and memorable event by signing up to be a one of our volunteers.  We will need set-up people, break down people, judges, check in people, etc.  Sign up today!!!!


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


3 rounds:

15 reps Thrusters (95#, 65#)

10 reps Knee Jumps

15 reps Slapping Push-ups.








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