Well I need to say a special thank you to Shawn Guy and Brooke Lorber for all the help for the amazing day yesterday out at Cuesta Park with MANY of the INFERNITES!!!!!  There were a tons of fun with everyone and again it always amazes me how this very unique group of people, of all different backgrounds and ages, all can hang out and have so much fun together!!  For those that missed it, you missed out on tons of meat, some insane sweet potato pie, beer pong, ladder toss, dogs having a blast, kids spinning themselves silly, volleyball games, catch, some chugging, Curtis having to drink because of my daughters throwing skills, and a fire that popped up and was put out by a barefooted postman and a firefighter in a skirt!!!  HAHAHAH  It was very fun and we will do more of these events!!!

Congratulations to Wes Piatt for completing his Level 1 Certification and becoming one of our amazing team of coaches here at the INFERNO!!!!

Ok time to ramp up for FIGHT GONE BAD!!!!  We need all of our members help to put on the best event ever!!!  Please clear your calender for Saturday the 17th so that you can do the workout and help us out to present your gym, the best gym, to the rest of San Luis Obispo County!!!



_________________________ DSC_0070

"Will not Break these!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


7 Rounds:

4 reps Handstand Push-ups

5 reps Front Squats (155#, 105#)

6 reps Chest to Bar

7 reps Power Snatch (75#, 55#)

*Each movement must be done without any pauses or breaks between.  You can rest between the movements but you CAN NOT rest anywhere during the movement.  If you do rest, you owe 5 Burpee Pull-ups.  You may use an ATLAS Stone in the place of the Front squats. But you will have to shoulder and drop the stone for each rep. BUT NO RESTING!!!




Overhead Squat


*Warm-up first then make your first set pretty heavy (around 75% of 1RM) then go up! Hold for 5 second count at the bottom.


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