Deadlifts seem to be one of the scariest lifts in all of lifting since it is supposed to be the one in which you can lift the most weight.  But it is still one of the MOST functional movements we can perform.  Even though many are scared of getting hurt while doing it, as long as your form is good, you will not get hurt.  The key is to have the placement of the shoulder right above or just in front of the bar.  This will raise your butt up.  Many people think this is bad, however, when the weight is heavy and you are pulling hard, raising your butt will essentially take the "slack" out of the system.  Meaning that as you pull up, your butt cant move first and put the bar into a unsafe position over your toes. As the bar moves away from your shins, the strain and tension goes right to your lower back.  So to keep safe, we need that bar against our shins and right above your heels.  Don't be afraid of strength or moving weight.  Do it right and you will get strong!!!


_________________________ ProperDeadlifPositionAndTechnique

"Powerful Posterior"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


800m Run

7 reps Deadlift on 4" Platform (285#, 175#)

400m Run

14 reps Deadlift

200m Run

21 reps Deadlift




Overhead Squats



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