So did you find out what kind of person you were yesterday?  We play so many tricks on ourselves each and everyday.  I would see someone lift a weight super easy and then if we added a few pounds then all of a sudden the weight became impossible and the form went out the window.  This happened to more than 1 or 2 people too.  What is it that stops us from pushing these limits?  I know that sometimes its the fear of failure or failing.  This failure can be not lifting as much as someone else, not going as fast as you think you should, being the last one to finish, or lifting the least amount of weight.  These are all valid concerns but I really hope they don't affect you.  First, we leave pride and egos at the door.  The sole purpose for being here is to better yourself.  It does no good to let pride run your show.  Let your performance run it and if its a bad day, then you have no place to go but up and that means success each and everyday.  Second, remember the object is to gain the most out of your workout and if you are manipulating it just so you are finishing first, then you are missing all the great benefits of that workout.  And third, failing is the BEST way to learn!!!  There direct lessons and skills that are tested and can be applied when you aren't successful at something.  So lets say you do the workout and you are unable to do the weight you thought.  What did you learn from it?  Do you need to work on strength, form, mindset, nutrition, etc.  Change what you need to change and then you will be succeeding.  This is the safe place to put it on the line without worrying about anything.  Go for it!  If you succeed, great and move forward to a new test.  If you fail, great and now examine the failure and what you need to fix it, fix it, and then succeed!

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TIME: 1pm to 6pm

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"Who do you want to be today"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


3 Rounds:

12 reps Muscle ups

75 reps Squats

*Sub muscle ups for either jumping MU's or 3 stomach to bar pull-ups per 1 MU




Shoulder Progressions

5/5/5 - 5/5/5 - 5/5/5 - 5/5/5

*shoulder progression is starting with 5 reps shoulder press, then do 5 reps push press, and 5 reps push jerks without putting the bar down.  Go as heavy as you can for the 4 sets.


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