As we make our way into this new school year, we are expecting to see an increase of people coming to the INFERNO.  With this, we want to ensure that everyone is getting the top notch training they deserve!  To do this, we want to get everyone used to using the Mindbody system.  We will need everyone to click the Mindbody link under the INFERNO Store.  From here you will then sign up for each class you are going to.  What this will do is ensure that you have a spot in the class time that you are hoping for, but it will also make sure that you aren't in a class of 30+ people and not get the coaching, supervision, or safety that you need.  We honestly love huge classes but we want to give you all the coaching that you are paying for!  So we want to take this week to practice a few things: 1) all of our members that are either unlimited or punch card will need to register for the class time that you want.  Please only pre-register up to a week in advance.  The way to do this is to sign-up on Mindbody, go to the date of the class you want to register for and click in the grey box that says "Sign up for this Class".  Once you click it, you are good to go!  2) Then, when you come to the gym use the key card that you have been given to check in.  I realize this seems a complicated now but we just need to get used to this routine.  Once you do it a few times, it will be no big deal.  If you sign up for a class, please show up to that class.  If you cant make it, you can do an "Early Cancel" online.  Please practice this this week!!!  Thanks!

INFERNO BBQ is this SUNDAY at CUESTA PARK!!!!  Check the link for info and sign up at the gym!!



_________________________ DSC_0035

"Whose House?"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 rounds:

8 reps Front Squats (185#, 125#)

24 reps Ring Push-ups (rings 4" off ground)

*Scale for push-ups will be RIng PU's, Strict PU's, Knee PU's





5 rope climbs (string as many together as possible)

*Scale is 3 rope raises from back to feet to back per 1 rope climb or 12 pull-ups per rope climb.


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