I went to the Ravine Waterpark with my daughter Alexis and her friend yesterday for some fun in the sun and to play on the slides.  We had a blast being silly, jumping and splashing in the water, getting crazy on the slides, running up the stairs to beat other people to the front of the line, etc.  We had a blast just playing!  I sit here tonight thinking about the day and how fun it was to play and what a great exercise!  This is what we lose as we grow older.  First, we think we are too cool to play and run around, but second, we lose the ability to be like a kid because we don't move like that anymore.  Kids are always full speed.  They don't like to walk anywhere!  They RUN!  Everything is is high gear.  Since most adults lead a very sedentary life with a sit down job, they lose the capacity to move like this, and this is even if they go to the gym.  You need to take advantage of all the work you are doing in your workouts.  Play as often as you can, or at least move around.  Do yard work, go play catch at the beach, play tag with your kids, take the stairs and not the elevator, walk quickly to wherever you are going.  Use all this new flexibility to bend down and jump around.  Pick a kid up and swing them around!  All of a sudden, your play day is an all day workout!  It was one of the best "rest days" I have had!




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"Don't sweat the Technique!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


4 Rounds:

20 reps Box Jumps (24", 20")

20 reps Virtual Shoveling (45#@24", 25#@20")[wmv] [mov]

15 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

*Box Jumps will be old style where you can open up your hips as you jump off the box.  No step ups on this one.  Scale to a height you are able to 2 foot jump and land on top.  Step downs are ok.

*For the Shovels, the bumper must go over the box and touch the floor on one side then back over the box and touch the floor for 1 rep.  You can switch hands whenever and as often as you need to. 




Front Squats


*warm up so that your 1st set is about 70% of 1RM.  Build from there.


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