It's that time of the year again!!!!!  FIGHT GONE BAD 6 is right around the corner and we want to smash the amount of money we raised last year!  This year we have the ability to actually nominate one of the organizations we want to donate to.  The way to nominate is to go to the FGB6 site and you get to choose.  Then, we need to vote on it.  The top ten nominations based on the voting will make it to the voting phase. Nominations have to be in by July 15 at 5pm PST.  Voting on the top ten will then go through July 22 at 5pm PST.  The winner will be one of the charities for which we are raising money.  The other 2 are the Navy Seal Foundation and CrossFit Kids.  Fight Gone Bad is in its 6th year and has become one of the largest Crossfit Community Events all over the world.  We will be doing the Fight Gone Bad workout here at the gym and we will be making it a family affair with our entire gym.  Stay tuned for more details but if you want more information and you want to help us get to our$10,000 goal, go to FIGHT GONE BAD 6 and register to help raise funds! The date of the event is Saturday September 17, 2011!


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"DT is a Bear!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 rounds for time:

12 reps Deadlift (155#, 105#)

9 reps Hang Power Clean (155#, 105#)

6 reps Push Jerk (155#, 105#)




7 rounds

2 lengths Bumper Carry (115#, 70#)

4 lengths Bear Crawl

*Use the length of the black mats.  For the bumper carry stack your weights at one end of the mat, off the mat.  On go, pick you weights up so that they are stacked on top of each other.  sprint to the other side of the gym and touch the wall with your body, turn and run back.  Drop your weight when you are past the mat.

*For bear crawl, you need to make sure that weight is supported on your hands as you are gallopping or lunging like a bear would when it runs.  Go from the one side of the gym off the mat to the far wall of the gym and touch it with your hand before you turn around to go back.

**if you drop the weights, stand up, or stop, you must stop when you are and do 5 burpees.  You may only stop on the one side of the gym when you are picking up the weights.


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