The 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games are almost here!!!!!  For those of you who are going to go, you will be in for a serious good time!!!  Now, for those of you that haven't decided yet, let me see if i can change your mind.  First, for $50 you will get access to all three days of the GREATEST FITNESS EVENT of all time!!!  You will be able to see the fittest athletes in the world doing some crazy workouts.  You will get to see "Aromasville" which is an entire arena dedicated to the way Crossfit used to be!!  It will be where the Masters Event happening all weekend.  There will be a Kids Zone, a Cooling Shack, a slack-line that you can play on, beach volleyball, horse shoes.  There will be a tent city for affiliates to hang out with other affiliates.  There will be a huge beer garden.  There will be Jumbo-Tron screens in each of the arenas, and Info-Towers with constant running information on the athletes and the workouts.  There will be TONS of vendors selling there swag and events that you can win free stuff.  In n Out will be there for all those "protein style double doubles".  There will be areas to workout, and even get coached on Olympic lifts, Atlas stones or other movements by Crossfit subject matter experts!!!  And did I forget the hottest bodies from all over the world??  And im not just talking about the athletes!!!!  You cant ask for a bigger Community Crossfit Event!!  Its so big that ESPN said that "the Crossfit Games are the best $50 you could ever spend in sports", and if the biggest sports network says that........well you know it going to be good!  So lets get a crew to go down there!  It will up your crossfit-love more than anything!!!! 

If you didnt see the last Games Reveiw Show, here it is.  I got to say a few things on it:)


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"Weight Wait Wate!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Weighted Push-up

*Find a 1RM.  Push up must start in locked out position and weights need to be placed with the edge of the weight at the top of the shoulders right at the base of the neck.  Touch chest hips and legs on the floor at same time.  Body MUST stay straight the press up. If you sag, it doesnt count




21-15-9 reps

Weighted Push-up (50%1RM)

Weighted Pull-up (50#DB, 25#DB)

*Must have full range on both the push-ups and pull-ups.  Arms must lock out fully on both!


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