The awesome thing about the Inferno is that you have experienced trainers that are there to push you, guide you, and coach you through each of the workouts.  Not only are you getting someone who will yell and scream and cheer you on, but you will get someone who will give you technical advise on your movements.  This coaching will be based on whether or not there are specific fixes and adjustments that need to be made due to injuries or issues of ability, as well as tightening up efficiencies in the movements.  However, we need you the athlete to listen to what the coach is giving you for your advise.  If they say to lower the weight, its not because they want to bust your ego.  Its because you will get more out of the workout.  If you are injured, they will scale the workout appropriately for you so that you can rehabilitate your injuries.  We do not avoid movements unless there has been some predetermined reason to do so.  So if you have a shoulder injury, the scale isn't to avoid shoulder movement.  You will be instructed to lower the weight, even to that of a PVC pipe.  Or the trainer may modify the range of movement of the move so that you are still rehabbing the injury into proper range.  As an athlete, it is up to you to follow the trainer's guidance.  Please don't just go and do your own thing.  We want to make you better but you must follow the trainers lead.  Help us help you to be the best you you can be!


_________________________ DSC_0019


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


7 Rounds:

7 reps Push Press (135#, 95#)

7 reps Burpees

7 reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups




Knee Jump & Box Jump

*Find max height knee jump then find max height box jump


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